Art and Arnold

“Ann Johnson: Converse: Real Talk” at Women & Their Work

The artist has created a valuable space in which gallery-goers can sit and discuss racism in America Ann Johnson wants you to talk. She wants you to put your phone … Continue reading

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Rachel K. Bury and Zack Ingram at grayDUCK

At first glance, you could mistake grayDUCK Gallery’s Current Affairs show in Austin for a solo show. You’d be wrong. Or you might think that the two participating artists at least know each other … Continue reading

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“De la Complicidad con la Agresión: Works by Miguel A. Aragón”

I wonder how many South American drug cartel bosses gritted their teeth when Colorado legalized marijuana. Did we feel them cringe at the thought of their decreased revenue stream? Drug … Continue reading

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Everything is evolving, everything is falling apart: Jamie Panzer at Big Medium

I’m confident you won’t misinterpret Jamie Panzer’s solo show If Love Is The Answer, What Is The Question: A Science Fair, currently at Big Medium in Austin. This isn’t because the show is full … Continue reading

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“McKay Otto: Ever or Ever” at CAMIBAart

McKay Otto understands silence. He understands it in the same way you do, if you’ve ever stood on top of Mt. Bonnell and looked out over Lake Austin on a … Continue reading

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Scratching Surfaces

In two different current Austin shows, Jean-Pierre Verdijo and Joyce Howell can’t get past the surface of their artwork. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Whether working in collage … Continue reading

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“Rebecca Marino: The Best Available Evidence” at grayDUCK Gallery

-The exhibit drops viewers into the middle of the mystery of UFOs, but without providing any answers Are we alone in the universe? This question keeps us awake at night. … Continue reading

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