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“Chris Guarino: From the Unknown”

The haunting array of sculptural mutants displayed at Art on 5th are at once foreign and familiar, frightening and comical




Nestled between Uptown Cheapskate and the UPS Store in a strip mall on South Lamar is the Art on 5th gallery. While an apparent misnomer, the gallery did begin on West Fifth Street before moving south of the river in 2013. Three years later, it still boasts one of the most diverse collections in the city and proudly houses a large collection of Dr. Seuss art. Behind its doors is something for everybody.

Headlining the gallery until June 18 is Chris Guarino’s “From the Unknown.” Not as much a misnomer, the exhibition gives you an assortment of sculpture and flatwork depicting a haunting array of things that are at once foreign and familiar, frightening and comical. Condensed from the same fantastical ether that fogs Tim Burton’s worlds, Guarino’s works are somewhere between the kid-friendly creations of Pixar and the nightmarish surrealism of an Adam Jones music video.

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