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Rachel K. Bury and Zack Ingram at grayDUCK


At first glance, you could mistake grayDUCK Gallery’s Current Affairs show in Austin for a solo show. You’d be wrong. Or you might think that the two participating artists at least know each other or even studied together under the same professors. You’d still be wrong. But there’s an almost seamless dialogue happening between the works of Rachel K. Bury and Zack Ingram. Both artists are interested in the hybrid, and both create playful artworks that speak the languages of sculpture and painting simultaneously. Still, their similarities run deeper than just this formality. Both of their work addresses certain social ideas, some more specific than others but often around issues of conformity. It’s rare that a two-person show harmonizes this well. More often two-person shows are studies in contrasts, or arranged under a general theme and forced similarities. Current Affairs instead attests to both the individual skill of Bury and Ingram, as well as the curatorial strength of grayDUCK’s owner-director, Jill Schroeder.


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