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“De la Complicidad con la Agresión: Works by Miguel A. Aragón”

I wonder how many South American drug cartel bosses gritted their teeth when Colorado legalized marijuana. Did we feel them cringe at the thought of their decreased revenue stream? Drug dealing is a violent business, and I wonder how tensions are running south of the border lately.

According to Miguel A. Aragón’s current show, “De la Complicidad con la Agresión,” tensions are high, and body counts are climbing. Every image in this exhibition depicts a dead person (assumedly victims of cartel violence). Taken from the media, these pictures of bloated and bloody faces are enlarged almost to the point of total abstraction. The main body of work consists of six hand-drilled prints in which the victim’s faces are created through riddling the paper with drill holes. Furthering their crudeness, they are tacked to the wall and curl slightly. Some, like Retrato #25, have been so victimized by the drill that areas of paper hang precariously from them.

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