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“Rebecca Marino: The Best Available Evidence” at grayDUCK Gallery


-The exhibit drops viewers into the middle of the mystery of UFOs, but without providing any answers

Are we alone in the universe?

This question keeps us awake at night. Gazing up at the grand expanse of the sky, we want to believe there is something else out there. But how can we prove this? What evidence do we need? What leaps of faith must we make?

Rebecca Marino invites us to think about this in “The Best Available Evidence” at grayDUCK Gallery. Combining photography, sculpture, and audio recordings, the exhibition brings us into the middle of the long-standing debate about the existence of UFOs. The show pulls from both archived evidence supporting life on Mars as well as artworks by Marino. Combining both, Marino blurs the lines between fact and fiction, the original and the copy, and the mundane and the spectacular. But she never solves the mystery she explores. Instead, she gives us fragments of its checkered story, leaving the rest to us.


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