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“Elizabeth Chiles: Over Time” at Pump Project

Over Time postcard.jpg

The thing about clouds is, they never stand still. Like time, they’re always changing. In Elizabeth Chiles’ exhibition “Over Time,” she reminds us of this. Installed on a continuous shelf, 27 photographs of clouds line the main gallery at Pump Project. Titled With Time, the piece combines images of clouds bathed in orange and gold sunsets alongside gray thunderstorms. In some, a blue sky peeks out around a large nebulous mass. In others, a tree reaches into the foreground. Unframed and set apart at uneven intervals, these photographs tease us into thinking they may be one long panorama. But they aren’t. At places, their order is jumbled and irregular. While some of the photographs could slide together and make a continuous image, others are of the same clouds. Working as a photographer, Chiles is interested in the intersection of time and the environment. Her portfolio explores this through capturing subtle changes in nature.


Read more at The Austin Chronicle:

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