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Westward Bound

The opening for a collective studio tour of practicing artists requires a group exhibition. It creates the opportunity for the artists and the public to meet in person, swap stories, see what everyone else is up to, and, most importantly, generate enough of a buzz to insure the success of the succeeding tour. To meet all of these requests evenly can be a tricky task, but from my perspective, Big Medium pulled it off flawlessly.

On April the 12th, Big Medium kicked off their 2014 Go West studio tour with a large group exhibition at 6406 N. IH-35, Suite 2850A. Don’t let the sign above the door fool you, it’s not in a Chase Bank. Size restricted, and evenly installed throughout the large exhibition space, the artworks sit in a comfortable equilibrium where no one work overshadows another. While some of the pieces may be somewhat predictable, or at very least, academic, the majority are enjoyable, and most everyone can find something to like. 2-dimensional paintings and mix-media works, ranging from impressionist landscapes and realists portraits to Dadaist collages and abstract expressionism expand across the back walls of the gallery behind a row of sculptures made from materials ranging between plastic to glass. Two words to describe the exhibition: discursive professionalism.

Also contributing to the success of the studio tour, the catalogue (included in the price of the ticket) is a cleanly printed document serving as a guide book for the rest of the event. Not just an archive of imagery, its pages also contains the addresses of the artists’ studios among other pertinent information for the public. That way, if you like what you see, you know where to find more.

Again, Big Medium demonstrates its capacity for giving local Austin artists the exposure they deserve, and contribute to the city’s vibrant art scene.

For more on Big Medium visit their website:

Posted 14th April 2014 by Arnold, H.C.

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